Friday, 3 June 2016

the #ethicalfashioncollective: ethical summer accessories

Just a quick post today, as I spent all morning at soft play with the kiddos (usually a trauma, but I had a friend with me this time!) and I'm not feeling that well - but I couldn't let the first Friday of the month go past without joining in with the second #ethicalfashioncollective post. This time, I've collected together a few of my favourite planet-friendly accessories for summer; lots of metallics, pattern and lovely detail - the oversize clutch is from Zara, which is actually one of the best high-street stores when it comes to corporate and social responsibility. Which is handy, because it's one of my favourites!



  1. Gorgeous picks and good to know about Zara - that makes things even harder to resist! xx

  2. I love that vintage clutch, the colours are gorgeous. Right up my street!

  3. Oh my goodness that clutch from Zara! Lovely wee collection there.


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