Wednesday, 18 May 2016

trend: monochrome art prints

Nobody has been more surprised than me that I've swung over to the dark (and light, badoom tsss) side of monochrome and minimalism lately; a self-confessed former hoarder, pattern addict and colour lover, suddenly I'm craving everything plain and simple. 

I've been looking for prints for our bedroom, which happens to be full of plants - our bedding is white and grey (with the odd blush pillow case thrown in), and there's a lot of wooden accessories, copper and ceramic pots, so any prints need to be as plain as possible - the room is teeny tiny, and I want to avoid it looking overcrowded. After trawling the internet, I narrowed it down to the six prints in the collage above - they all look really expensive, but they're cheaper than you might think!

I love botanical prints, but didn't want anything coloured, and it was quite hard to find a good black and white one. This one is from Mink Interiors (which happens to sell homewares that make my heart beat a bit faster!), and I really like that although it's on the modern side, it still has the lettering underneath that vintage prints have. 

2. & 3. London Co-ordinates and Scandinavian Triangles, DreamPrintDesigns on Etsy, £4.25
I'm going to start by saying that DreamPrintDesigns is an absolute goldmine for Scandi-style art; they have everything from geometric shapes and quotes to city coordinates and maps - and the best thing is that you only pay for the file, so there's no expensive postage fee, or fretting about it getting damaged in the post. Your £4.25 buys you the instant download, and then you simply print it out yourself, or take it to a printing shop, depending on what size you want. So good!

While I do love simple graphic prints and geometric shapes, I do really like this - there's something gentle and peaceful about it, and the detail is beautiful.

Who doesn't love a simple city print? I can tick one of those off of the list, and the rest could act as an inspiration to motivate me to actually apply for a passport!

This is the second Etsy shop on the list, and another one that operates by sending you the files only. To be honest, I could quite happily have included half the shop on my list of favourites; they've got city coordinates, letterpress designs, typography, quotes.... I honestly think you'd struggle not to find something you love. 

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  1. Oh I love cheese plant one, it's gorgeous!


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