Thursday, 5 May 2016

five top tips for a small bathroom makeover

As renters, we have a bit of a ‘choose-your-battles’ approach to DIY; there are some things we can live with, like the grey marbled tiles in the bathroom (not my taste, but fairly inoffensive), and some we really couldn’t, like the green kitchen worktops and frayed bedroom carpets. The bathroom was one of the most challenging spaces as it really is teeny tiny – I can touch both of the opposite walls at the same time, and you really can’t fit more than one person in there at once. Styling a small area is always difficult, as it’s so hard to get the balance between it looking finished and it looking overcrowded - so I thought today I'd share my top tips for making the best of a small bathroom, in collaboration with the One World Trading Company.

1. Choose great storage
I’ve drooled over so many Pinterest pictures of bathrooms with vintage cupboards, or plant-filled cabinets, but as there’s literally zero floor space in our bathroom (like, not even enough room for a pot plant!), we decided to make good use of the wall behind the sink. The mirror was one of my favourite ever interior finds – not only is it nice and long, it also has a shelf built into it which is great for holding things like toothbrushes, candles and of course, my beloved plants.

2. Accessorise practically
If you’ve got a small space, you’re not going to be able to add much in the way of accessories, so they need to earn their keep. I chose to keep it simple with plants and flowers – they’re practical, they clean the air and they look great – but you could opt for one nice print, a jar filled with seashells or a vintage style lantern. The Belmot Lidded Jar is perfect for bathrooms; I used one as a candle holder, and one as a miniature vase for a small bunch of Gysophila – but you could do pretty much anything with it. Also, try looking at things differently - I used the Goodwood Rope Holder as a small basket for my Chain of Hearts plant, and love how it looks hung on the shelf bracket. 

3. Add some baskets
Baskets are perfect for bathroom storage, as they’re easy to clean and they look great; we use them for everything from storing toilet roll and cleaning supplies to holding makeup and even housing plants – if you’ve got a little floor space, a Swiss Cheese plant in a wicker basket looks amazing! They’re the perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t have space for cupboards, and has to keep storage on display.

4. Find a good bathmat
I had a real struggle finding a bathmat that wasn’t fluffy, and wasn’t over £20 – I wanted a flatwoven style that would dry quickly and blend in with the rest of the bathroom. In the end we found ours from IKEA for the princely sum of £1.25. So obviously, we bought ten, in case they stop selling them!

5. Treat yourself to some luxury bath products
Every Christmas or birthday, I ask for bathroom products that I’d otherwise never buy; luxury candles like the Newport Cloche wild fig, organic handwashes and pricey soap – I always think that if it’s going to be on display, it needs to look nice! Obviously, we can’t afford to spend a lot all year round, so my secret trick is to keep the packaging and then fill it up with our regular stuff from the supermarket!

To see more of the One World Trading Company, head to the website to get shopping, or pop over to the blog for inspiration and ideas. 

Many thanks to the One World Trading Company for collaborating on this makeover and post. I was sent the products free-of-charge, but as usual, all words and opinions are my own. 


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  1. That whole shelf / mirror thing you've got going on in your bathroom looks amazing. Truly inspiring - really want to get more plants in our bathroom too. Thanks for the ideas, love it! xx


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