Monday, 16 November 2015

postcards from early november

Cor, it's been a while since I've popped in - I enjoyed my digital break way more than I thought it would (apart from not being able to discuss Walking Dead episodes with friends on Facebook!), and to be honest, it's been a struggle to get back into it. I found that without any social media apps on my phone or iPad, there was pretty much no temptation to check up on things; I got heaps more done as well - I read my way through three books (well, one is an audio book but details, details!), I've worked out a load of crochet patterns and tutorials for work and the blog (coming soon!), we've watched some brilliant TV (Walking Dead, Peep Show - hurrah! - Homeland) with both eyes on the screen instead of one fixed to my iPhone screen, I've planned and shot a whole series of Christmas posts, and I've started gift shopping. We went for walks and made leaf lanterns (although they were a bit Pinterest: Nailed It-ish), ate soup, drank LOTS of tea and I had some lovely long baths. Oh, and I hoovered!

I'm a big fan of hibernating, and I've spent an awful lot of time huddled under blankets, crochet hook and knitting needles in hand, tea and spiced candle on the table next to me. I've listened to Radio 4 plays almost endlessly, downloaded audio books and flicked the v's at Instagram; it's been lovely to not have to worry about filters or comments, or what people might rightly or wrongly think of me. I love being part of the blogging community, and I've made some really amazing friends through it, but sometimes things happen and you just need to step away for a while.

On the plus side, the time away also meant I could get a nice lot of content ready; crochet and craft tutorials, shop profiles, interiors posts and LOADS of Christmas-related stuff. So stay tuned!


  1. Welcome back lovely. You were missed. I do love your pics. It's hard to shake off negative energy on the internet though, eh? You did the right thing to self-preserve. xo

  2. Hello again! This kind of hibernation sounds ideal - for your mind and for productivity. I'm get so sucked in to scrolling, then feel I'm missing out if I'm not commenting or sharing. Looking forward to seeing your projects. :) x

  3. Gorgeous pictures, I love that hat! And yay for Peep Show, I'm so glad it's back :)

  4. We tried the leaf lanterns too, and ended up having to give up and chuck the whole thing! But the kidlet enjoyed sticking the leaves, so it served its purpose I guess


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