Monday, 20 October 2014

bloggers at home: candy pop

The next instalment of Bloggers at Home is a real treat; I've been following the Candy Pop blog for a while, and was so honoured when writer and photographer Natasha agreed to be part of the series. If you've never checked out the blog, you've basically got a huge vintage-shaped hole in your life; full of interiors, adventures and collections of loveliness, it's definitely one to add to the blog reader. Also make sure you track her down on Instagram; Natasha's feed is easily one of my absolute favourites, with plenty of cheerful kitsch and eye-popping colour. 

My boyfriend and I live in a modern, spacious, top-floor apartment in Oxford, and I have to say it's the loveliest home I've ever lived in. I say this having resided in fourteen different properties, ranging from a studio flat on London's trendy Kings Road, to a large Victorian town house in Worthing on the Sussex Coast.

As with all the spaces in our home, the bedroom is quite minimal with just a few of my favourite things on display. I love the calmness and tranquility of a white interior, and so I always opt for white walls, bedding, towels and so on. The colours tend to come from my vintage trinkets; just a few carefully chosen things to add interest.

My favourite item is the French style dressing table, because it reminds me of the Sindy one I had in the 1980s; I actually bought an original Sindy one from eBay shortly after, and sure enough, they were the same!

The wall hanging was made by my Mum for my sister's wedding, and the patchwork cushions were made by my sister - who works as a textile designer - from a mix of vintage fabrics and her own designs. I have a passion for vintage prints, and I guess you could say it runs in the family!



  1. What a gorgeous looking place. I love that wall hanging as well - so pretty and lovely that it's got such family history.

  2. Ahhhh I love Candy Pop, one of the first blogs I ever followed! Amazing colours, beautiful cosy house!

  3. Wow I want to move in! Love those curtains and all the dresses! x

  4. Wow, lovely style! Off to check out more Candy Pop!

  5. I want to live here! and I've never heard of her blog so off to check out now!x

  6. oh my goodness those curtains are amazing!!!!

  7. Oh wow how lovely is her house - mine would never look like that simply due to the chaos that is a 4yr old moving everything all the time. I love the vintage feel - so beautiful - what a lovely series

    Laura x

  8. Wow! This is a *real* person's house?! She can come over and redecorate for me!

  9. Hello I love Natasha's view of the world and found you today too....I love the wardrobe tour...well who doesn't love a good nose?
    nice to have found you
    bestest wishes
    Daisy j x

  10. What a lovely room, just full of character and charm. The beautiful dressing table is every girls dream :O)


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