Monday, 15 September 2014

found: ena and albert

Last week I stumbled across the most amazing shop on Etsy called Ena and Albert; full of huge, bold and brightly coloured statement necklaces, crafter extraordinaire Therese makes every piece by hand from polymer clay in her sunny Sydney studio.

I've played about with polymer clay before, most lately when I made collar clips over on Fritha's blog, but my experiments with making beads have never been very successful; everything ends up a bit squashed and lopsided, and not in a cool, arty kind of way either. Just in a 'my-two-year-old-made-this' kind of way. Therese's beads are the complete opposite; smooth, spherical, textured, colourful and perfect - I love the different shades and tones, the colour combinations that make me think of sugary candy treats and the fact that they're so unapologetically bold.

Head over to the website to take a look behind the scenes, or flex your credit card at the Ena and Albert Etsy shop.


  1. Oh! These are gorgeous!! Off for a closer look...

  2. I love these, they do look a bit like those candy necklaces - which can only ever be a good thing! x

  3. These are really lovely - they remind me of a much nicer version what I used to try and make out of Fimo (do they still make that?) when I was younger and wanted to be a jewellery designer. Oh well... x

  4. these are lush and I love the colours! I've never tried working with this material before but it certainly looks amazing as a necklace. x

  5. It's funny that you should describe them like candies as the whole time I was reading this post, I was thinking, I just want to eat these! Does that sound weird? Ha! Anyway, these are right up my street - so pretty!

  6. wow that last one looks so edible! love it! x

  7. oh wow, so lovely! i love the colours. and i agree with fritha, the last one totally does look edible. actually, they all do. mmm...

  8. These are lovely. The textures particularly grab me.


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