Sunday, 9 March 2014

toast: house and home 14

The latest Toast catalogue rattled through the letterbox yesterday morning; full of all the usual goodness, it made great lunchtime browsing. I think the thing I love most about Toast clothing is the way it's quite simple, but still has a little bit of a quirky edge; a print here, a huge statement necklace there - it's pretty much how I'd like to dress if I wasn't so addicted to clashing patterns. At the back of the catalogue was a link to the new house and home collection; I've said before that I just want to climb into the catalogue and live in it, and I think that's probably more true after seeing the latest offerings - they sucked me in with the metal and wood stools, and then I spent a good portion of the time drooling over the duvet covers (I've been hankering after the organic ticking bedlinen for at least a year) and bedspreads. Simple, rustic, colourful, gorgeous.

To see the whole collection, head over to the website.


  1. perfect! Love the toast home collections :)

  2. Saw those stools on your IG earlier - such good colours. Wish I was rich!

  3. I love the Toast catalogue - so much inspiration and beautiful flowing clothes as well - can't wait for mine to arrive :)

    laura x

  4. I've not seen the new Toast catalogue but i'm loving everything in these pics! x

  5. I love those stools so much! Might have to invest...

  6. Ooh, nice... is it wrong that I wish the suitcase picture was my house...?


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