Sunday, 2 March 2014

found: neon

Fable and Lore 
Sova Knits
Bashore Designs
Beautiful May Blossom
Wind and Willow Home
Voz Collective
My obsession with all things neon started with a simple roll of washi tape, then spread to yarn, and now it's threatening to take over our entire house. The Husband says he feels like he needs to get the glo-sticks out and put some rave music on - but I just can't help it; I love a pop of neon bright colour where you just don't expect it. *Blows whistle and puts on sunglasses*



  1. those gift tags are lovely, would be great with some brown paper and string.

  2. I love pom poms, totally obsessed. That yarn is fab too, and the bracelets! x

  3. ahh these are really cute pieces! I'm surprised cos I have to say I'm not usually a neon kinda girl! Lovely speaking to you tonight during the #lbloggers chat :) I've just started following

    Hannah xx

    1. Ahhh, same - I've just added you to my Bloglovin feed, how funny! x

  4. I'm really getting into neon too here and there, mainly on the kids but I think they can take it better than me!
    PS I did used to have some glow sticks once upon a time ;-)


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