Friday, 7 March 2014


Daisy: Deep in concentration, she's currently fascinated by absolutely everything, from crayons and books to household items (she calls the mop a 'clean up'). I forgot what fun toddlerhood can be; seeing things through a tiny pair of eyes really helps you to see how wonderful the world can be; from the stars and moon on a clear night ('hello moon! Hello stars!') to the endlessly interesting sticks and stones.

Ben: Showing off his newest prize possession - his new Lego jet, the latest in a long line of projects that keep him occupied for hours. He follows the instructions to the letter, then breaks it all up and creates wonderful new things; "I am using my imagination, Mummy." I've discovered that the world of a five-year-old is a magical place, where anything is possible - he constantly reminds me that if you try hard enough, you can achieve pretty much anything.

Linking up with Jodi at Practising Simplicity for the 52 Project, and 365 Photo a Day with The Boy and Me. Come and join in!

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  1. Oh Daisy's face is just adorable!! they both are, great shots x

  2. lovely photos - and Daisy's face is so cute :)

  3. i love the look on her face! ..and also her cardie :)

  4. Great photos and lovely captures - I love the first one - deep in thought and i bet your little man loves his new lego jet :)

    laura x

  5. Love their outfits, very sweet x

  6. Love Daisie's look of concentration and her jumper! Lovely photographs. It's wonderful being sucked into a small child's perspective. It's like being given the gift of a second childhood.

  7. Beautiful images. You're right, we should all stop and look at life through their tiny eyes x It goes too quickly otherwise.


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