Monday, 24 February 2014

the smalls: 8/52

Ben, concentrating on one of his games and Daisy looking on inquisitively. A couple of pictures from last Summer, they remind me of hazy days and endless freedom; now we're hemmed in by rain and wind and the constrictions of school timetables.

I've decided to join in, rather belatedly, with the 52 Project this year. I take pictures of the kiddos almost constantly, and found myself feeling disappointed that I hadn't bothered with the last round, so there it is. I'm in!


  1. Your children are so beautiful!! I love Daisy's hair x

  2. what lovely hair colour your boy has!

  3. beautiful! I think Wilf might have the same top as Ben too! Have you seen the living arrows project too? Its pretty similar but has a nice community feel to it :) xx

  4. Cuties! I'm joining in the 52 project this year after not getting around to it last year!

  5. Gorgeous pics. I've joined the 52 Project this year too! I just need to try and get a pic with F not wearing his coat :) x

  6. Lovely pics! I can't wait for those sunshine-filled days again x


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