Monday, 24 February 2014

a few good things

This week, I've been mostly loving:
  • Shift dresses and tunics - These dresses are a complete win-win. The voluminous effect makes them hugely comfy, and the simple shape means they're the ideal base for some large statement necklaces. Ace! Dress by Toast.
  • Patterned kitchenware - I love a good print in the kitchen - all stacked up together to create some sort of crockery chaos. Cup and bowl by Marimekko.
  • Quirky neckware - Since my craft swap with Davina, I've got all obsessed with colourful, quirky necklaces - I've been seeking out laser cut lovelies and anything in a rainbow hue. Necklace from Accessorize and crochet bow from Lowie.
  • Books, books and more books - I've signed up to a Goodreads challenge - 100 books in a year, what was I thinking?! - so every spare minute has been spent reading feverishly.
  • Colourful knits - I'm not sure whether it's a reaction to the endless grey days, but I seem to be drawn to the brightest clothes at the moment - I've been wearing my neon jumper to death, mixing it up with coloured tights and my mustard coat. Screw you, grey skies, I'm wearing a rainbow! Jumper by Joules.
  • Doc Martens - I found a pair of the bog standard lace up shoes on eBay a few months back (absolute bargain at £8.99 - they'd only been worn once, and still had the labels inside!), but my parents treated me to a lovely pair of navy boots for my birthday. They haven't been off my feet since - forget the myths about Docs being hard to break in, these are like wearing slippers. Chunky slippers, but still! Doc Martens from Office.
  • Block colours - On scarves, dresses, bedding, cushions - I just seem to be drawn to great colour combinations! Scarf by Marimekko.
  • Yarn - Yarn could probably appear on almost every one of these lists; if we go to a craft shop, I always gravitate towards the woolly section, and I've got a stash that would makes Hobbycraft look like Poundstretcher (which, incidentally, has a great selection of yarn in fairly nice colours!). I've been playing with some Wool and the Gang and Boodles textile yarn, and researching tapestry crochet - the possibilities for creating geometrics is endless. Hurrah! Yarn by Wool and the Gang
This isn't one of those sponsored posts, by the way - I just love stuff!


  1. always up for a bit of marimekko! love those wool colours too.

  2. Great selection, I love Marimekko and have a small stash at home :)

  3. How awesome about the book challenge. I keep starting multiple books at once and need to finish them all up before I start any more. :) Would love to be friends on goodreads. x

  4. Wow, I basically love everything on this list!

  5. you have such a great eye for things! I'm so surprised that necklace is from Accessorize! x

  6. Love the tunic, jumper, Docs...everything! x

  7. I love the necklace and the bowl and the yarn, and everything! I also have a huge yarn collection even though I can't knit or crochet, I use it for craft stuff. I really want to learnt to crochet though x

  8. Oh I love those shoes and that scarf - super cute - would have all of these things if I could :)

    Laura x

  9. I love the Lowie bow, so cute!


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