Friday, 28 February 2014

found: twenty fingers

I brang on about geometrics an awful lot on here, but I'm also a bit mad for laser cut accessories; I love the intricacies and possibilities laser cutting offers, and how it works so well on so many different fabrics and materials. I stumbled across the incredible Twenty Fingers shop on Etsy while searching for necklaces and badges, and was just blown away by their beautifully quirky designs and amazing styling; etched pendants and carved brooches, and notebooks embellished with arrows, antlers and constellations make the shop one to remember. Head on over to the shop and see the goodies for yourself, or check out their blog for further inspiration.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

worn: mustard coat and a leopard shirt

Another post from the archives today; this has been sat in my draft folder since last October, or there abouts - check out those lovely little yellow flowers and golden leaves! This makes me feel two things; nostalgic for crisp Autumn days and relief that the worst of the Winter is (touch wood) finally over, and I can get back to pottering about in the garden, wearing more interesting clothes and not ending up with birds-nest hair every time I leave the house!

My mustard coat remains my prize possession; I almost sold it towards the end of last year, but for various reasons it didn't happen - I'm so glad I ended up keeping it, as it's pretty much my favourite thing in the world (excluding the children, obviously... ahem) and kind of makes an outfit of itself. I put it with my old faithful ankle boots, some skinny black trousers and a charity shop leopard blouse, and finished it off with a lovely satchel from Scaramanga.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

found: rose and grey

There's pretty much nothing I love more than vintage and retro homewares; enamel and tin mugs and canisters, wood, metal and wire storage, geometric rugs and vintage prints all make me good a bit dribbley and weak at the knees - which is probably why I've spent quite a bit of time looking at the new collections from homeware wonder emporium Rose and Grey. Entitled 'Pantry' and 'Old School', they're made up of beautiful wall charts, old school style furniture, and rustic kitchenware - everything you could need for a vintage-industrial or contemporary rustic style home.

(From top right: World Map Wall Chart, £25 // Enamel 123 Canisters, £16.95 // Rustic Wire Wall Storage Unit, £59.50.)

Monday, 24 February 2014

a few good things

This week, I've been mostly loving:
  • Shift dresses and tunics - These dresses are a complete win-win. The voluminous effect makes them hugely comfy, and the simple shape means they're the ideal base for some large statement necklaces. Ace! Dress by Toast.
  • Patterned kitchenware - I love a good print in the kitchen - all stacked up together to create some sort of crockery chaos. Cup and bowl by Marimekko.
  • Quirky neckware - Since my craft swap with Davina, I've got all obsessed with colourful, quirky necklaces - I've been seeking out laser cut lovelies and anything in a rainbow hue. Necklace from Accessorize and crochet bow from Lowie.
  • Books, books and more books - I've signed up to a Goodreads challenge - 100 books in a year, what was I thinking?! - so every spare minute has been spent reading feverishly.
  • Colourful knits - I'm not sure whether it's a reaction to the endless grey days, but I seem to be drawn to the brightest clothes at the moment - I've been wearing my neon jumper to death, mixing it up with coloured tights and my mustard coat. Screw you, grey skies, I'm wearing a rainbow! Jumper by Joules.
  • Doc Martens - I found a pair of the bog standard lace up shoes on eBay a few months back (absolute bargain at £8.99 - they'd only been worn once, and still had the labels inside!), but my parents treated me to a lovely pair of navy boots for my birthday. They haven't been off my feet since - forget the myths about Docs being hard to break in, these are like wearing slippers. Chunky slippers, but still! Doc Martens from Office.
  • Block colours - On scarves, dresses, bedding, cushions - I just seem to be drawn to great colour combinations! Scarf by Marimekko.
  • Yarn - Yarn could probably appear on almost every one of these lists; if we go to a craft shop, I always gravitate towards the woolly section, and I've got a stash that would makes Hobbycraft look like Poundstretcher (which, incidentally, has a great selection of yarn in fairly nice colours!). I've been playing with some Wool and the Gang and Boodles textile yarn, and researching tapestry crochet - the possibilities for creating geometrics is endless. Hurrah! Yarn by Wool and the Gang
This isn't one of those sponsored posts, by the way - I just love stuff!

the smalls: 8/52

Ben, concentrating on one of his games and Daisy looking on inquisitively. A couple of pictures from last Summer, they remind me of hazy days and endless freedom; now we're hemmed in by rain and wind and the constrictions of school timetables.

I've decided to join in, rather belatedly, with the 52 Project this year. I take pictures of the kiddos almost constantly, and found myself feeling disappointed that I hadn't bothered with the last round, so there it is. I'm in!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

life in pictures

Enjoying the morning light // Having a wander and napping up some pretties from the incredibly talented Kate at the Aspex Gallery Contemporary Craft Fair // Making with the kiddos - bread and wind vanes. In that order // Popping in to the new Rowans shop in Gunwharf, and having a huge amount of thrifting success // Experimenting with new crochet materials, stitches and patterns. Ideas galore!

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen some of these before - if not, and you want to, I'm @owlandaccordion. Do say hello!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

be still, my geometric heart

I almost wept with joy when I saw the latest limited edition range from IKEA; say what you like about that place, but they try their best environmentally, and they produce damn good homeware pieces. The Brakig collection is the latest triumph, and combines two of my greatest loves; bright colours and geometrics, applied liberally to cushions, tableware and storage. I'm off to buy one of everything while it lasts - see you down there!

Friday, 21 February 2014

found: thrifted and made

I don't think I could be more in love with Thrifted and Made if I tried; owned by the incredibly talented Kate, who works to combine her love of plants with a passion for colour and crafting, it's a one stop shop for anyone who likes home accessories to shout rather than whisper. Expect incredible neon macrame planters, bright wall hangings and more geometrics than you can shake a stick at - I'll take one of everything. Ta!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

the acid wash skirt and the £3.50 charity shop blouse

Autumn and Winter weather pretty much makes me want to put pyjamas on, and then not take them off again until Spring rolls around; the endless rain that leaves everything soggy underfoot, grey skies and dark mornings all make creative dressing that bit harder. I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to clothes; I like patterns and colours; bright tights, printed dresses and lots of geometrics and vintage, but when the weather turns to shit, all I want to do is wear jeans and big crazy jumpers. That said, we had a rare rain-free day a few weeks ago which was the perfect time to give my new acid wash skirt an outing (I started this post a while ago, then it languished in my 'drafts' folder for a while, neglected and forgotten. You can tell it's old, because the ground in the pictures is still covered with a carpet of leaves!). I hate tights and I hate the cold, but my oh my, I love this skirt.

It took a long time to find this skirt; I could have bought one from Topshop for £18 in the sale, but I desperately wanted it to be an ethical find - eventually I found this one on Beyond Retro for the princely sum of £20. Worth the extra £2 for the fact that it's vintage, and is a teeny bit more eco-friendly than its mass produced sisters. I wore it with a charity shop blouse, a charity shop coat, and a, err, charity shop bag. The belt came from a charity shop, and so did the necklace, and the boots were a Christmas present. Hurrah!


Monday, 17 February 2014

signs of life

I always think that the best thing about January is the end; to me, it's always the longest, bleakest month, a seemingly never-ending cycle of awful weather, post-Christmas leftovers, and absolute skint-ness. February is always better because it's a) one step closer to Spring b) half term and c) time to start sowing the indoor seeds and chitting the potatoes ready for planting when (if?!) the warmer weather finally arrives.

The past few weeks have been spent wandering outside whenever the monsoon-like weather has eased off, clearing the garden (a job that was long overdue and should really have been done at the end of the last growing season), poring over seed catalogues and digging out the seeds I saved from last year. During the winter, I wear pretty much nothing but jeans, wellies and crazy old cardies (this year with the addition of my incredible £50 parka), so when the lovely people at Joules got in touch to see if I'd like to add a pair of theirs to my collection, I didn't need asking twice. I'm pleased to report that they're incredibly robust and comfortable, and have seen me through the last few weeks of apocalyptic rainfall - the cheery polka dots design has made them my favourite pair to date, and I also quite like the red stripe at the back because it matches my favourite coat. (Yes, I really am that fickle). My lovely new wellies from Joules also managed the impossible - they made the thankless school run, the time when I do most swearing-under-my-breath, a lot more pleasant, and helped to keep my legs dry every time some nob in a four-by-four roared past and drenched us.

I literally can't wait for Spring - I keep looking at pictures of the garden last year, and thinking about how I'd like to improve things this time around. My Mum mentioned that you're not supposed to grow the same thing in the same place two years running, which has put me into a bit of a dilemma; we've only really got three large growing spaces, and one of those is always getting dug up and used as a public lav by the local cats. I keep trying to map out on paper where things could go, and I'm still on the look out for old pots and discarded timber to make more garden structures and growing tubs. Last year I found a G-Plan coffee table in a skip, so who knows what beauties might surface this Spring?

What are you growing this year? Any tips from last years successes?

This post was written in collaboration with the lovely folks at Joules.


Monday, 3 February 2014

found: mabel and bird

I love discovering new independent businesses and craftspeople, so I was pretty happy to stumble across Mabel and Bird via Twitter last week. Owner Emma Pearson designs her own screen printed fabrics from her studio in Chipping Norton, before sewing them into wondrous creations; think house shaped cushions, zip-fastened make-up bags and star-shaped felt garlands, all worked in a monochrome pallet with an added pop of colour.

To see more, head over to the Mabel and Bird shop, or follow Emma on Instagram (@mabelandbird) or Twitter. All images courtesy of Emma Pearson.
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