Sunday, 13 October 2013

vintage love: violet's attic

If there's one thing I love more in life than crafts and books, it's got to be beautiful vintage clothes. I spend an awful lot of time trawling eBay and the internet for anything old, quirky and eclectic; at the moment, I'm pretty obsessed with flimsy bed jackets, fringed kimonos and capes. Since I know a lot of you are fellow vintage fans, I thought I'd share some of my favourite online shops in a new little blog series - purses at the ready, ladies!

I discovered Violet's Attic a while ago, and spent quite a while having a good old virtual rummage. This is one of those shops where there's something for almost every taste and budget; 1970's day dresses rub shoulders with lace crop tops from the late nineties, while antique embroidered shawls jostle for space with full skirted 1950's dresses, colourful retro knitwear and a range of denim vests and shirts. It's a complete treasure trove, and I challenge you to visit the website without buying something. Just don't make it the denim dress in the second picture - because that's on my Christmas list....


  1. i love that first blouse, it's quite beautiful and the last shawl - I have the exact same one in cream that I got at a vintage show a few years ago!

  2. Oh, that shawl. utterly beautiful. I will go and visit the website and lose all my wages!


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