Friday, 11 October 2013

the polka dot midi skirt and geek shoes

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll have seen that I've been feeling a bit glum about buying clothes lately; the charity shops have been pretty desolate (although I had some luck this week, more on that in a future post!), I can't afford to buy organic, ethical clothes all the time (£30 for a t-shirt? I have two children to feed and clothe!) and eBay prices seem to have gone through the roof. Just when I was about to give up totally, I won a brilliant polka dot jersey midi skirt for £9, including p&p, and my faith was instantly restored.

I love the skirt for all it's swirly, stretchy, comfortable gloriousness; it's not too flouncy, but manages to look a bit full-skirtish at the same time. I popped it on with my New Look denim shirt (I spent literally months looking for a second hand one before giving up and buying a new one), vintage jacket and Topshop geek shoes, which haven't been off my feet since I bought them. Comfy, and still good for chasing after errant kiddos - pretty perfect for a Saturday.


  1. I love the whole outfit. THe skirt is such a good shape!! I have found charity shopping quite tricky recently too. I guess most people are feeling the pinch.

  2. You know my views on midi skirts and I love this one too! That vintage jacket is divine too. Great to see lots of new outfit posts on the blog xx


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