Sunday, 29 September 2013

gypsy nights at dixi

If you're a jewellery fan, and you've never heard of Dixi, you're hugely missing out. Personally, I love their pendants and necklaces, as I don't tend to wear rings much nowadays (I prefer big chunky rings, and they're just a faff at nappy changing time!); with different collections such as Luxe Bohemia and Woodstock, you can expect quirky, unique pieces such as above knuckle rings, coloured stones, feathers and animals.

To celebrate the launch of their first full own brand jewellery collection, Gypsy Nights, Dixi have kindly offered readers of this blog a code for free shipping when you spend £20 or over, valid from today until the 6th October. Simply enter the code BLOGGERDISC when you checkout to receive your free postage, and you're done.

Images taken from the Gypsy Nights collection, all courtesy of Dixi. This is not a sponsored post.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

the fifties dress and studded leather jacket

A couple of weeks ago, I won the most beautiful late fifties / early sixties cotton dress on eBay. For the absolute bargain of £15 (I bid with just three seconds to spare - what can I say? I live life on the edge.....), I found myself the proud owner of a dress that actually gives me a bit of a feminine shape. I've always been quite 'pencil' like - no curves whatsoever - but whilst I'm wearing this dress, I seem to have a waist, a bottom and some hips. Like an actual girl! 

I'm thinking in the winter, it will look great with some thick opaques, ankle boots and my favourite vintage mustard coat (with the huge fur collar), and, if I've got the balls, my faux fur hat that I bought last year. I've yet to wear this yet because firstly, I'm a total chicken and secondly, it's a teeny bit small for my head. Although it perches nicely on top, there's a real risk that it might come flying off in an errant breeze - leaving me with hat hair and a freezing head. I do love it though! (Man up, Vicky!)
At the moment though, it's still far too warm to be thinking about giant coats, so for now I'm sticking it on with the leather jacket I studded myself, some chunky ankle boots and great big flicks of eyeliner. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


You'd think that with Ben at school, and Daisy visiting her Grandparents twice a week, I'd be able to get absolutely loads of blogging and work done, but apparently not. I've been a bit quiet on the blogger front over the last week or so - school has been half-days only, which means an awful lot of to-ing and fro-ing, and I find the time I do have to myself I either spend working frantically (Christmas is coming, don't you know, and us copywriters are a poorly paid lot...) or twirling my hair and fretting about how Ben's getting on.

That said, there are heaps and heaps of things I'm really looking forward to; a new season seems to inspire me to make plans and embark on new projects (we'll just forget the half finished ones under the sofa....). I've been pulling out all my winter clothes over the last week or so; blouses and shirts, boots, scarves and my absolute favourite, my vintage mustard coat - although I'm a definite summer-lover, I do find it much easier to dress in the colder months. I've been scouring eBay for vintage and second-hand lovelies, which means there'll probably be a post with my thrifty finds coming up.... I've had a quick nose at the LFW week coverage, but to be honest, I don't pay much attention to trends - at the ripe old age of thirty, I (finally) know what I like to wear and what suits me. (After deliberating for about three months, I did buy these shoes, though, and can't wait to wear them with some ankle length trousers!)

Winter is my favourite time to catch up on reading as well, so I've been pulling out all the books I want to finish this year (most of which will probably go back into the shelves unread, sigh). I got an incredible book for my birthday this year on Schiaparelli and Prada with the most beautiful photographs, so I'm going to dedicate some time to that if nothing else. I'm reading a lot of books on the 1930's and 40's at the moment; it's the most fascinating period to me, and I'm a complete history geek. I recently discovered that you can go on a 'Blitz Walk' in London, so I'm trying to find the time (and funds!) to make my annual trip up there - another reason for cramming in as much work as possible!

Finally, I'm reading up on the flea markets and antique fairs of France, and applying for a passport - I've been longing to go on a vintage hunting trip for years, and now I've finally convinced the husband. Hurrah!

Monday, 16 September 2013

my favourite home tour

I'm not sure when my obsession with interiors began, but I suspect the birth of Pinterest had a lot to do with it; an endless supply of images of retro kitchens, spacious living areas and airy spaces filled with quirky details. I regularly read all the usual design websites and blogs, and have saved heaps of images to an inspiration folder on my laptop, but rarely ever re-blog anything - today, though, I found a home so beautiful that I couldn't resist.

Found via the wonderful Design Sponge, the home of style expert Jessie Artigue and her husband is my all-time favourite home tour, ever. Described as 'a home decorated like a colourful, vintage wardrobe', I knew I was going to adore it - that's sort of the look I go for in our home, but it usually ends up more 'charity shop' than 'vintage store'. Ahhh, well.

To see the full tour (and it's really, really worth having a good old nose around) head over to Design Sponge.

All images via Design Sponge.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

gilbert white's house

If you've been reading for a while, you'll know that when I'm not up to my eyes in nappies or crayons, I love nothing more than exploring old houses and buildings and a good rummage in a junk shop. Unfortunately, children under five don't seem to see the fascination with dusty old relics, which means I don't get to go much anymore - so when the Husband had a day off of work, he was put firmly in charge of childcare while my Mum and I snuck off to visit Gilbert White's House in beautiful Selborne.

If you've never been to Selborne, I strongly urge you to go - and prepare yourself to fall in love. Beautiful cottages sit side-by-side listed buildings, and the peaceful churchyard, with it's ancient gravestones, leads through to the common. At the risk of sounding slightly macabre, I've always been fascinated with old churches and their grounds; a lot of people think they're 'spooky', but they're an incredible source of social history - I've yet to find one that's made feel even a teeny bit scared.

Gilbert White's House is incredible, and well worth a visit - we spent way more time in the garden than the house itself; marvelling over the huge sunflowers, burying our noses in the tangles of sweetpeas and pondering on how exactly you could replicate the astonishing herb garden in a tiny terraced back yard (conclusion: impossible). We got talking to the head gardener about plants, and when I told her how lustworthy their natural plant supports were, she told me that they were planning to cut back the willow that day, and gave me three huge bunches - it's been drying in our conservatory ever since, but I've got high hopes for turning it into wigwams to support the sweetpeas next year.
The weather was glorious; bouts of bright sunshine interspersed with just the right amount of cloud, so it stayed warm but not boiling hot, perfect for both walking and picture-taking. We finished the morning with a trip to the tearoom (one of the best in the UK, according to Country Living magazine), and had the most incredible sandwiches and pots of tea.

If you're ever in Hampshire, you really have to go - it's probably not the place for young children, though - there is a pretty big expanse of open ground directly behind the house but the best parts of the garden aren't really suited to the littlies, who invariably prefer to run everywhere. Either that, or park them with a relative, who's happy to supervise!

Monday, 2 September 2013

pretty nostalgic

I've been a huge fan of Pretty Nostalgic magazine ever since I laid my sticky little hands on the very first issue, so I'm pretty pleased to have had the opportunity to write a feature for them this month. Spread over five pages, I interviewed four incredible crafters producing beautiful work; amongst others, I was lucky enough to get to speak to Kim Smith of Art Equals Happy (who I've been following since I first started blogging) and Holly Berry, who produces the most glorious woven homewares and accessories. Check them out!

It's a cracking issue, with so much packed inside; vintage toys, bee keeping, cider making, retro childrens literature and my favourite - a big feature on historical houses that have been frozen in time. Grab your copy from the Pretty Nostalgic website now (if you're already a subscriber, issue nine might have landed on your doormat this morning!), or from any good branch of WHSmiths in about a week or so.
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