Friday, 23 August 2013

flora and fauna

I've been playing with my camera this week, experimenting with the manual setting, and messing around with editing software. I've become quite obsessed with flowers, to the point that I'm considering taking an evening course in floristry - my Mum trained as a florist, so it'd be quite nice to continue in her footsteps.

Happy weekend, lovelies.


  1. Very beautiful ... I love the first shot ... there is a lovely link up of garden flowers going on which you might like ... a monthly moodboard of garden plants ... this is the link to my most recent post for the link up ... you can follow the links if you like ... Bee xx

  2. Beautiful photos! A course in floristry sounds like a wonderful idea. I join in with the monthly garden moodboards too, its a nice way to look back and see the changes.
    Happy weekend to you too. x

  3. I really think you should do it - maybe it's in your blood? You could start small, doing bouquets/arrangements at home for friends of friends and work it around the kids. Or you could just get into it more as a hobby. Either way it would be a lovely string to your bow. I love flowers too!! X

  4. You should so do it! Also these photos are gorgeous, very editorial!

  5. Obsess away! These shots are FAB.

  6. Hey lady! Do I have your permission to use one of these photos? I'd like to add a font and put it on my blog... I'll link to you, of course!
    Email me -


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