Friday, 21 June 2013

the three year bag

I mentioned over the last few posts that I've been really enjoying some hardcore crafting time lately, and I'm ecstatic to be able to announce that I've finally finished a crochet project that I started three, yes three, years ago.

The whole thing began with a vague idea of a market bag, but with a solid bottom, and then before I knew it, it had big round base and a drawstring fastening. And that's how it stayed for a good two-and-a-half years, languishing at the bottom of a crate of yarn, unfinished and unloved. I came across it a few months ago,  added the handle and a cord for the drawstring, and hung it proudly on the end of the bannisters.

There's a few bits to finish off - I need to find a smaller bead to add onto the drawstring, so I don't need to keep knotting it as well, and I'm thinking about doing some aztec-y embroidery on the solid panels, but it'll probably be another three years until I manage that..

I'm pretty pleased with it, and although I didn't write the pattern down, I think it'd be pretty easy to figure out. If anyone fancies having a go, I'd be happy to post a tutorial for it - it's turned out as a nice roomy bag, which has plenty of space for magazines, books, a camera and phone. Basically, all the essentials!


  1. It's beautiful! lovely shape and texture!

  2. Lovely ... I really like the pattern ... Bee x

  3. Cute bag! Love the draw string idea...

  4. Hello! Came across your blog for the first time today - it's really nice & your new/old bag is gorgeous!
    New follower :-)

  5. great to find you today and loving this crochet! xxx

  6. Well done clever sausage. I'd love to see some added embroidery but I think you should enjoy the fruits of your labour for now!! X

  7. So pretty, has a nice kinda 70's retro vibe to it. Well done on finishing x


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