Monday, 24 June 2013


1. 2. 3. & 4. Enjoying the Hampshire countryside - I never get sick of hunting out new places to visit and new views to photograph. 5. & 6. A visit to the fair with the kiddos. 7. & 8. One of many trips to the market for our fruit and veg. 9. Keeping an eye out for bees.


  1. Such lovely shots - Hampshire is one lovely place to live isn't it? :)

  2. Lovely photos ... I love that sea of yellow ... so pretty ... Bee x

  3. Such beautiful and colourful photographs. I love seeing the amazing yellow fields at this time of year, just a shame about the hayfever they give me.

  4. These photographs are so gorgeous. All that fresh produce looks amazing!

  5. Ace photos, so much colour. I love the yellow oil seed rape fields (we always used to call them mustard fields when i was little).


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