Saturday, 7 April 2012

41 weeks

Yesterday I hit the 'week overdue' marker, and rather than sit around feeling fed up, I decided to fill the day with beachcombing, crochet, bookshopping and general lovely don't-think-about-the-fact-that-the-baby-still-isn't-here activities. Typically, I forgot to take the camera, so had to use my fake-Instagram app on my phone - Camera 360, you have served me well, but the news that they've finally developed the real thing for Android is a little like waking up to find it's Christmas morning, it's snowed, and you've got everything on your wish list.

The chunky crochet cushion is so very nearly finished - I just need to join the front and back pieces together, and sew on some buttons as fasteners, and it's done. I've got to say, I'm pretty happy with it - it's the first pattern I've actually made up myself, and I still can't quite believe I managed to work it out. I've got some Cygnet Seriously Chunky in black waiting in the wings - there's an idea for a cowl just running round and round in my head....

The Boy had an excellent time, and came home with a bag stuffed full of shells and stones, which we're going to use in the garden when we move (one month to go! Eeeek!), and I spent a lot of time eyeballing the Rowan section in Hobbycraft, wondering if an overdue baby was a reason to justify an £8 ball of yarn for a project that I'd yet to decide. It turned out, it wasn't - Rowan is the stuff of dreams; perhaps when I'm selling twenty chunky cushion covers a day, I might be able to warrant buying it. Maybe.

Precious findings

Beach huts

Mmmmm.... Rowan..... Tweed..... Mmmmmmm

Floral socks and nearing the end


  1. Hope next time you post there is a baby on your arm. Love that cushion x
    All my children were late; I remember that terrible waiting feeling...

  2. *shouts via the interweb*

    I am glad to see you have been enjoying yourself, overfull of baby or not.

    That cushion is lovely!

    My phone is too old to get Android Instagram, but I use Retrocamera occasionally, which is lovely.

    I hope the baby comes out soon!

  3. Your pics are ace regardless it has to be said... I would have so bought the wool! Come on baby!

  4. I’ve come over from Kat’s blog, as it seems you’re a girl after my own heart with regards vintage and thrift! I hope baby comes soon and I wish you all the best and can’t wait to read about your journey xxx


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