Thursday, 1 March 2012

etsy love

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This weeks Friday Etsy Love is all about the print and pattern - I've been looking at (read: drooling over) lovely dresses, beautiful skirts and pretty blouses for the last couple of weeks in preparation for getting back into normal-size clothes (rather than things made to accommodate a humungous football belly). The arrival of the sunshine, and dare I say Spring, yesterday, turned my thoughts to warm days, dressed in seventies sundresses and retro sandals, spent in the park with the kiddos and the Husband.. Let the countdown to the warmer weather begin....


  1. Oh yes, love all of these. Bright colurs and cute prints always make me dream of summer.

    Hope you're having a good weekend

    Emily x

  2. That sewing print tanktop is amazing! I must have it!

  3. That polka-dot and rainbow stripes dresses are pretty droolworthy!

  4. Yeah. So - I just added the rainbow chevron dress to my faves... *sigh*


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