Monday, 29 August 2011

faux country

It's no secret on this blog (or anywhere in my life, as a matter of fact!), that I absolutely, desperately, long to live in the country - a lovely little cottage, a couple of cats, some vegetable beds.... the works. But unfortunately, real life insists on persisting, and for now I have to put up with visits to rural villages, and making the most of spotting little hints of the countryside in every day life. We live on a main road, and I took these photographs on the way to the shops a couple of weeks ago - it's amazing how you can find such beauty in an otherwise concrete jungle.
(The bunting was actually outside Fabric Land, and the cake was from Costa - but they were both grand!)



  1. Oh my lordy, that scone looks so tempting- I am on a giant diet and it's making my tummy rumble! Love the new header x

  2. Lovely new blog header! And as to your ambition of country living I am sorry it hasn't yet worked out for you. However, at least you haven't given up on your dream and you know that one day you will achieve it.

  3. LOVE the shot of the blackberries! Makes me want crumble!

  4. I love your new header :)


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