Saturday, 16 July 2011

thrifting success

Oh crikey, I've been so rubbish at blogging lately - I don't even have a defence, I literally have no idea where the time went. (However, I suspect it was something to do with Mad Men, Eastenders, The Night Watch and Corrie. Whoops.)

I've had such a grand time thrifting lately, in Brighton and Southampton (more on this soon - I have many, many photographs to edit....), and also in my little hometown. Charity shops seem to be getting more and more expensive as time goes by, which makes those real bargains that little bit extra special.

Amongst the charity shops I frequent most regularly, I have my favourites - there is one where I can pretty much guarantee I'll find good quality vintage for my stall, another that does excellent homewares and curtains for fabric, and a third that has a brilliant 'Buy One, Get One Free' rail where nothing is over £1. The others tend to be the type that are a) overpriced and b) sell new things, such as necklaces and whatnot. I'm aware that I sound like a total tightwad and maybe I am, but if I were in the position to pay £25 for a dress, I would undoubtedly go and buy a nice vintage one, rather than a Marks and Spencers number that has a rip in the seam. Anyway, I was killing some time last week, and happened to go in one of the shops that I rarely visit, and was pretty glad I did - I've been searching for some retro or vintage trays for a while now, as the kitchen is still looking a little too 'twee' for my liking (too many spots and stripes, and too much powder blue), and ended up stumbling across one quite by accident. A lady had already picked it up, and after deciding it was too small, put it back - I ran over and grabbed it, thanking the Gods of thrifting for giving me my lucky break. Orangey-pink flowers and a gold trim around the edge - what could be better?

 I also discovered they had added a little basket by the door that was literally brimming with vintage buttons, all packaged up in little bags, priced anywhere between 50p and £2.49. The bag I picked up was a selection of engraved metal buttons - I've always had a bit of a thing for these, and already have some with anchors on that I inherited from my Mums sewing box (not sure she knows I liberated them, to be honest....). Flowers, anchors, crowns, houses, horses.... a truly amazing selection, and quite the bargain.



  1. Some lovely bits there- well done you!

  2. Such a pretty tray and what a great collection of buttons, add something special to a nice top or dress

  3. I love buttons, these are great! Lovely trays too!

  4. Great finds - especially the buttons!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Love that tray! I have one that looks like it, but is in a different pattern. Such a great find!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  6. Ooh wow, there's nothing quite like a good find when out thrifting, I love that tray!
    A couple of years ago I went into one of my local charity shops in Chichester and they had a huge.. HUGE box full of vintage buttons like the ones you've got there, they were selling them for 20 pence each so I asked how much for the whole box. Five fine Great British Pounds. What. A. Bargain.

  7. How cuuuteeee are those buttons! x


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