Saturday, 7 May 2011

exhibition fail

A few weeks ago, we went to the Strong Island Exhibition in the Round Tower in Southsea - my intentions were to write it up before it had finished, so people could still go and pay it a visit. What actually happened was that I've spent every spare moment working on this pesky eBay shop, which means the exhibition is now over, and this is pretty much just a pointless photograph post. Sigh.

But, but, but, the artwork was immense, and if you visit this page right here, you can see a list of all of the exhibitors, with links to their blogs and websites. So not a completely wasted post - some of my favourite artists have been discovered by visiting links from other blogs. Get clicking!

(All photographs of things that aren't in a frame on a wall are my own, so don't go nicking off with them. Thanks!)


  1. I loved this exhibition! I'd love to get involved with the next one if they do one. I am now parading my strong island tote bag around and drinking strong island tea...was well worth the trip! I also got a free badge because i talked to the woman there. was awesome! (if freezing in the round tower!)

  2. Your photos are exceptionally good!

    I LOVE the piece with the anchor. LOVE IT.

  3. Kate, we went during the day on the Saturday and it was still freezing then! You should definitely get involved, there's a few crafty-fair things that I'm hoping to do in the future. Perhaps we'll bump into each other!

    LM - shucks! I just use an Olympus point-and-shoot, then my beloved Picnik haha. Thanks for saying though, I do love photography. There were so many good pieces of artwork there, but the anchor was one of my favourites too :)


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