Monday, 30 May 2011

the girl in the middle

The lovely Kat from Kat Got the Cream has done a little Q&A with me over on her fabulous blog - I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to her for having me! You can read my ramblings about my business plans and why I hate fast fashion over here.

PS I will be writing a post of my own soon, I promise!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

ding dong, the lounge is done

We live in a fairly small, fairly magnolia, two-bed flat, and have recently come to accept the fact that there is very little chance that we're ever going to be able to own somewhere. Images of myself in a tea dress and brogues, wielding a sledgehammer, while knocking down walls and drinking tea (an odd mixture, but hey, this is my dream), have finally disappeared, and been replaced by a lifetime of other-peoples-rules. So far in our rental lifetime, we've been pretty lucky with landlords - we've had the 'we-don't-care-as-long-as-it's-all-restored-before-you-leave' type, which has meant that we've been able to put up shelves and pictures until we're blue in the face. Almost a year and a half after we arrived, our lounge is starting to look something like the room I had pictured when we viewed the property on our first visit....

As you probably know by now, I am the proud owner of one toddler, who was only just over a year old when we initially moved in. My grabby handed little investigative monkey meant that keeping any craft equipment, art supplies, or machines of any kind in the lounge was an absolute no-no - but now he is nearing the age of three, and no longer shows any interest in any of my things, instead choosing to build garages from bricks and pretend the arm of the sofa is a horse. Which means, that I can finally have a little crafty area in the corner of the room, all to myself, hurrah!

A year and a half after we move in, I am pleased to present to you..... my lounge!

I love it, I really do. I love how it gets the late afternoon and evening sun, so we sit watching television or reading bathed in light. I love how it manages to be both cosy and tidy. I love the fact that nothing matches, and that I always look forward to collapsing on the little sofa at the end of a busy day. At the moment, I am sitting on that very same sofa, typing this and talking to my lovely Twitter friends (you know who you are!), with my feet on the footstool (which desperately needs covering), and a cup of tea on the table next to me. Obviously I'm wearing a beautiful vintage dress and my hair is immaculate. I most certainly am not wearing the Husbands jumper and some old tracksuit bottoms.... ahem.

Friday, 27 May 2011

popped off for a cuppa

I'm guest posting at Me Old China today, so nip over there to see an Ode to Granny Squares (because who doesn't love a good bit of crochet?).

A big thank you to Ms. M. for having me as well - I felt very welcome!


Monday, 23 May 2011

the sad demise of the eBay shop (and lovely things for sale)

Although it hasn't been open even a month, I've decided to close the eBay shop as the fees were pretty extortionate. I made a pretty good profit with the most recent batch of sales, but then at least half of it got eaten up by fees, damn you, pesky eBay small print. I think unless you have a turnover in excess of £500, a shop is never going to be profitable - so I've decided to go back to selling as an individual. You can find my profile here, and then click through to the listings. I'm going to put a link in the sidebar at some point, but considering that I hardly ever get time to write posts, I can't imagine when that will be. Twelfth of Never, perhaps!

Anyway, these little beauties are up for sale right now, and I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank my lovely friend Jen for modelling for me - she was very patient when I was barking "look left, no right, move left, no right. Roll your sleeves up. No, pull them down." Thanks, love!


Saturday, 14 May 2011

old buildings, old clothes and a surprise gift

I'm still playing catch-up when it comes to blog posts, and this one should, by rights, have been put up a couple of weeks ago. But, the whole eBay business seems to be taking up a lot more time than I'd anticipated (how boring and time consuming is wrapping ten packages? Yawn....), and so here we are with pictures from something that happened a few weeks ago. But better late than never, right?

On Easter Saturday, we decided to go off on one of our usual meanderings, and walked past an old abandoned Church that I've seen a million times, but never really paid much attention to. I don't know if it was the lighting, or if one part of it caught my eye, but I stopped to take some quick snaps - if I didn't think it would be full of a) spiders and b) squatters, I'd love to get inside and take some pictures. I've got a thing about old abandoned buildings anyway, but an empty Church would just be amazing - in my head it's just covered with a light layer of dust, and the sun shines through cracks in the roof, highlighting the floating dust particles. The whole thing would be amazingly ethereal, and lit perfectly for taking photographs. I suspect the reality would be fairly different....

The 'old clothes' part of the post doesn't refer to thrifting, as you might think, but to an amazing vintage shop that we found, called 'Anything Goes' - I've walked past it before, but it's always been closed, so when I saw the display outside and the door wide open, I practically ran in.
The girl who works there said they'd been open for a while, and we soon got chatting about clothes and suchlike. She told me that they go to vintage fairs, both home and abroad, and that the clothes encased in protective plastic at the front of the shop were all bought from the same woman - apparently she had a really rich husband, and went to vintage events abroad dressed in her fabulous clothes. They bought them from her for £100 each, so I didn't bother to even go near the rail!
The shop was amazing; one wall was covered in pictures torn from fashion magazines, and music played on a vintage record player. From the giant retro floor lamp to the dresser covered in jewellery - it was basically how I'd like my house to be furnished!

The next day was Easter Sunday, and my Mum presented me with a large, fairly hard, package. A few weeks before, I'd seen an amazing tapestry satchel in a charity shop when we'd been out shopping together, but I decided that at £10, I really didn't have the money for it. A couple of days later, I walked past and saw the bag had gone, and commented to Mum, "I really wish I'd bought it now, it was a real one off," and wandered off with thrifters-regret - that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you realise you should have bought something you'd deliberated over after all. So imagine my surprise, and sheer joy, when I opened the package and there was.... the tapestry satchel! Mum had gone back and bought it secretly, and kept it for me - the only thing better than a good thrifty find, is a thoughtful thrifty gift from a loved one. Happy days!

Blouse: Vintage
Skirt: Paul Smith
Boots: H&M
Bag: Wonderful thrifted gift from my wonderful Mum
Jacket: So old that I can't remember

Saturday, 7 May 2011

exhibition fail

A few weeks ago, we went to the Strong Island Exhibition in the Round Tower in Southsea - my intentions were to write it up before it had finished, so people could still go and pay it a visit. What actually happened was that I've spent every spare moment working on this pesky eBay shop, which means the exhibition is now over, and this is pretty much just a pointless photograph post. Sigh.

But, but, but, the artwork was immense, and if you visit this page right here, you can see a list of all of the exhibitors, with links to their blogs and websites. So not a completely wasted post - some of my favourite artists have been discovered by visiting links from other blogs. Get clicking!

(All photographs of things that aren't in a frame on a wall are my own, so don't go nicking off with them. Thanks!)
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