Saturday, 19 March 2011



Me: "I'm going to sand down that table today."
The Husband: "Are you? Have you got any sandpaper?"
Me: "Yep, I got some the other day."
The Husband (looks up from his book): "What on earth are you wearing? You look like a fashionable robber."
Me: "I don't want to breathe the dust in!"
The Husband: (Laughs but tries to disguise it as a cough.)
Me: "Right, I'll be back inside soon, I'm sure it won't take long."
The Husband: "Righty-o."

Ten minutes later.

Me: "It's taking ages!"
The Husband: (sighs) "Give me the sandpaper...."

The moral of today's story - if you want something doing that's messy, and time consuming and not at all related to fabric or vintage clothes, get your husband to do it while you sit in the sunshine, crochet, and watch your toddler on his scooter. Or something. Ahem.


  1. Always a good plan to get the man doing the 'messy bits', somehow missed your move - nice new place! x

  2. Thanks! Good to see you made it over here :)

    It's still not finished, but he said it was 'painful to watch' because I was so slow, ha! x

  3. I like the lesson here... and your mask. :)


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