Monday, 28 March 2011


Fleabay came up trumps recently when I managed to land this vintage Aquascutum pleated skirt for a mere five quid. It's 100% wool, and fits my waist just right - tight enough to suck it in, but not so tight I can't still manage to sit and eat in it. Sorry for the sour face in the bottom photo - I'm not exactly a natural in front of the camera....

Shirt - Paul Smith
Skirt - Vintage Aquascutum, eBay
Shoes - Kate Kanzier


  1. OOOooh, return of outfit posts!! me likey :o)

  2. It looks really lovely. I had a tweedy Aquascutum skirt from a charity shop that I wore almost permanently for about 2 years until it was thread bare! x

  3. Thanks ladies! My outfit posts leave a lot to be desired though - if you want really good ones, 'Stay Fancy Free', 'Clothes Cameras and Coffee' and 'Kennedy Holmes' (Lay me in some tall grass, let me do my thing) are my current three favourites. I just looked a bit bemused in mine! x


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