Tuesday, 22 February 2011

new home

I'd been thinking about my blog and the direction it was going in for a while, and eventually came to the conclusion that I wanted to start over again. The blog version of the Big Spring Clean - the one you have in March which leaves you feeling totally organised and positive of the direction you're going in. I decided that since most of the posts were related to thrifting, charity shopping, vintage clothes and homewares and crafts with the odd bit of fashion thrown in, I needed something a little quirky that conjured up images of days gone by. I tried combining words randomly ('the rabbit and the teapot' was too odd, declared the Husband) and then thinking of things that would look good in images as a header at the top of the page ('the rabbit and the gramophone?' he questioned, 'like HMV with His Masters Voice?' Drat, I thought, he had a point). Eventually, I thought of 'The Owl and the Accordion', which combined a creature I love with an old-style instrument - representing my love of everything old, historical, quirky and creative. Perfect - and even the Husband declared it a winner. So here we are, welcome to my lovely new home.


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